Action Movies 2020 Full Movie English SURVIVOR

Action Movies 2020 Full Movie English SURVIVOR story

Action Movies 2020 Full Movie English SURVIVOR

This is Lindsey. Lindsey Lewis. My sister and our friends,they're all... If you find this, uh, could youplease give it to my family and tell them... As the young womanstares into the horizon, she yearnsfor adventures yet to be had, worlds to beholdand dreams to fulfill. She wonders to herself what remarkable journey awaits with her incredibly beautiful,remarkably bold and fantastically-intelligentolder sister at the helm... Cut! Ugh! Lindz, that was so goodI was gonna keep going. Real smooth, lindz. Yeah 2003 R&B smooth. - R&B in 2003 sucked.- E-exactly. I'm sorry. I tried to hold it,but you were killing me. Fine.

 We got somethingto work with. - You wanna try it again?- Nah. It's whatevs. We got it. Right, Evan? Yeah, we got a lot.We got a lot. Huh. Moving on to the plane! Yeah. Wait. That's the plane? It's pretty small,don't you think? I mean, is our stuffeven gonna fit in there? It's the only privately-ownedfloat plane on the island. What's the matter? I thought youalways wanted to fly private. Well, you knowI'm claustrophobic. And that's a teeny-tiny plane. Uh, I mean,it, it got itself here, right? - So it should be fine.- Right, right. It'll be fine. Always is. You know we will have notransponder, yes? I turn it off. Totes. That's how we roll,off the grid.

 You know, this place,it's very dangerous. It's closed to the publicfor good reason. Look, we don't getour subscribers py doing cooking shows.You know what I'm sayin'? Hector, come on, we got this!Don't worry! It's Javier. Javie... Javier, right! Oh, my god, I am so sorry.That was really terrible of me. I actually feel really bad. Are we good? Okay. All right, it's a go!Let's load the plane! - So we all good?- Flying under the radar, girl. - Transponder off.- Oh! Hell, yeah! That's how we do it. What do you mean,"under the radar?" Don't worry your little mind.Everything is perfect. Yeah, everything is perfect,except your worrying, so stop.

 We got this. Hey. Worried about the dive,aren't you? Are you sure about this? Yeah, we've been plannin' itfor months. And everything we dois a little dangerous. You're starting to soundlike Paige. And you're starting to soundlike you don't trust me. No, no, I do, I just... So if seb's serious, I guess Lindsey's gonna bestickin' around a while, huh? Even if she is whinin'the whole time. Yeah. Looks likeLindsey's part of the team. Yeah, yeah, yeah,she cramps our style. Oh, yeah, no doubt. But we have so much overflowon sick style, we can afford to spare some.You know, share the swag. Yeah, swag. Yeah. To know me is to love me. Uh, I think you'remore of an acquired taste. Ooh! Ooh! So, um, in all seriousness now, um, the plane, you know, off the radar...

If something goes down,are we gonna be okay? Oh, my god. Buck up. All right, fair enough.Fair enough. Let's do that. Let's go, my friends! I guess we're doin' this. - Oh! That's the spirit.- That's good. And it's not likewe're flying into a war zone. That's next time, hah! I et's do this. - Hey.- What's up, Evan? Um, not much. How about you? You pumped? You, uh,ready to make this happen? Hey, hey, hey, knock it off,all right? If you ruin this for me,I will ruin you. - You got that?- Ah, you good, bro. All right. Red rock cove was once known as the spot to divein southeast Asia, put it all ended when it wasdeclared a protected sanctuary.

 But today we get a chance to take you insidethis incredible place for the dive of a lifetime. Are you ready? Whoo! Come on! And cut! Perf-alert!Nice one, Paige! That's how we give our viewerswhat they really want. - Adventure content.- Be nice, Paige. Oh. What? She's right. It's about time we got backto givin' our viewers what they really wanna see. Yeah, exactly, I feel like for a while there, uh, you were previously engagedwith other things. Hold in tight.We're almost there! Is that the cove right there? Yeah, that's it! Hey, I thinkI see a shark down there. - Sweet!- Cut it out, Evan. I'm goingto take her down nice and easy. - Oh, my god!- Hold on! We've been in worse than thisbefore. - Right, guys?- Yeah, we're gonna be fine! Just hold on to the seatin front of you! Hold on to something!

Brace for impact! Hold on to something! Uh, Paige? Seb! Anybody? Oh, god. Oh, my god! Wakey-wakey! - You scared me.- Are you ready to meet the team? Are you ready to join our crazy bandof adventure seekers? - Now you're scaring me.- Oh, come on, relax. - Theyre gonna love you.- That's easy for you to say. You're, like,the travel-vlog queen. Relax, just be yourself. I was havinga really weird dream. Mm, well, it's over now. Come on, lindz. Lindz! I indz! I indz! Kahala! Kahaia. Kahaial there. Oh, shit. Oh, my god, you're hurt. No. I'm-I'm fine. I think I saw a fin, though.Maybe it's a dolphin. Uh, where is everybody? I don't know. Wait, a fin? Yeah, but it's probablyjust a dolphin, right? Who knows?

Let's hope. - I'm okay, lindz!- Oh. Seb. Oh. Seb! Oh, my god! Seb! I'm okay. I'm all right. Oh, thank god. - We're lucky to be alive.- Yeah. Damn straight. Oh, yeah.Yeah, did you see Paige? Or Evan? Hey, if we made it,they must have. Yeah, I-I don't knowthe likelihood that we all surviveda plane crash. Hey-hey, we'll-we'llfind them, lindz, okay? - Okay.- Th-they fell out of the plane. Uh, the wing broke offand I think it sucked them out. - Oh, god...- We don't, we don't know that. - No, I saw it, man!- Chill out, kahaia. We don't know anything yet. You're right.All right, we-we don't know. Did anybody see the fin? Don't even talk about thatright now. Well, then,where's Evan and Paige? Oh, god, where are they? No, we need to find them.We need to stay together! - No, no, lindz.- Lindz. Hey, lindz. - Lindsey, stop! Lindsey, stop!- Stop! Stop! I'm sure she's gonna be okay,all right? We fell out over open water,so they could be fine. - All right?- It's okay. It's possible. Tell her, kahala. Uh, we-well, w-we survived, so... An-an-and red rock cove'sonly a couple miles out. So they're probably there.

 Well, then,we should go find them. Look, we will, okay,but right now we need to focuson staying alive. We need to conserve our energy. You guys,we're in real trouble here. Hey. Hey, hey, hey! Look, look! He's bleeding pretty bad. He deserves it. This damn foolalmost got us killed. You're not helping, kahala. Hey-hey, stay with us.It's gonna be okay. - Lindz...- No, it's gonna be all right... Help is coming. Nobody coming. “What? The transponder off.Nobody knows. - Oh, my god. He's right.- Wait, what? We turned off the locatorso we wouldn't get detected. The tail. Elt. Elt what? I ocator. Switch on. It's gotta be under us. No, no, no, hey, hey, hey.Hey, stay with us. Help will come. No rescue. Supplies... in cove... Supplies? What? In what cove? Oh, god. No, stay with me. No. Please. I found the tail!It's about twenty feet below us!

 I also found this. Get in. This will keep us anchored untilwe can activate the locator. Where's the pilot?Where's the pilot, Lindsey? I don't know. Where's seb? Seb! You two stay put. I'm gonna swim outto the island. He said supplies. There could be a radio,I could signal for help. Seb! No! Seb, wait! Seb! Lindz. Walt! Seb! - Lindsey, what are you doing?- Seb! I-I thought we saidwe were gonna stay together! - Lindsey, go back!- Seb! Lindz, what the hell are youdoing? Get back to the raft. Kahaia's right,we need to stay together. I will be right back, okay? You'll be safe here with her. Only one of usneeds to go to the cove.

 If I can find a radio,I can signal for help. No, it doesn't make sensefor you to be by yourself. - I will be back, I promise.- No, you need to stay with me. I need you to be with me. Lindsey, listen to me. I will be right back, okay? But right nowI gotta do this, okay? I gotta save Paige. And Evan, all right?And all of us... I'm... I'll be back, I promise. You, you guys,get back to the raft. Oh, my god,that's not a dolphin. Oh. - No.- Seb! (Get back to the raft! Lindsey, swim! Seb! Lindsey! Anh! - Lindsey!- No! Swim! The world is waiting. And if you want it bad enough,it can be yours. It is thereand it is more amazing than you can ever imagine. I'm Paige Lewis,and this silly couple behind me is my little sister, Lindsey, and her now bf, seb.

 Bet you saw that one coming. And if you'reinto seeing the world, join me and my like-mindedband of adventure seekers as we travelin search of new thrills and adventures, this is... The lit life! And cut! Sweet! Oh, and you two are so cute!I could just eat you up. All right. Let's pack up andget ready for tomorrow, guys. Hm. I'm gonna gotake a shower, sweetie. All right, I'll meet youin a few. I'm gonna go work out. You don't need to work out.You're perfect the way you are. I absolutely am not. - So I'm gonna go work out.- Okay. - Hey, seb.- Hey. Huh, going to the gym? Just for a bit. Okay, good chat.I'll see you later, Paige. Are you gonna tell her? Paige, there's nothing to tell. Hey, lindz,check out this dope drone shot I got of the ocean earlier.

 Lindsey, get back here! (Get back to the raft! Swim! Goddammit, swim! Lindsey, move! Swim! Goddammit, swim! Get back here! - Kahaia!- Lindsey, come on! Swim! Swim! Swim, goddammit!Swim faster! Faster, Lindsey.You can make it! Come on, come on. Move it. Yeah. Hurry, Lindsey, hurry! Lindsey, hurry up! Lindsey, swim. Hurry! Come on, that's it. Swim. No, no, no, you're not tired.Come on! Move! Lindsey, you're almost here,you're almost here. Lindz. Reach out. Reach out. Oh, god. Where are they? They're everywhere,they're closing. Lindsey, get outta there! Distance, how far? - Jesus, Lindsey! Swim!- How far? Twenty feet. Fifteen. - Three...- Shit, Lindsey! - What the hell are you doing?- Two... One. I indz! Lindsey! Oh, my god. Get on... swim! Get over here! Come on.Come on, Lindsey, you can do it. Swim, Lindsey! Move!Quick, quick! Oh, god! No! No! Lindsey! - That was...- Really lucky? That about covers it. Are you okay? Oh, shit. I'm so sorry, linaz.I'm so sorry. You guys...

This is my sister, Lindsey! - Hey, how's it goin'?- Oh. Whaddup, girl? - Hi.- Evan, get this. Yes, ma'am. What are you most excited aboutjoining the team? Well,I really wanna travel the world. - Where do you wanna go?- Yeah, like, one place. - Your dream spot.- Ooh! Refreshments! “Whoo! - Ohh!- For you... - For you.- Thank you. - And you.- Thank you. Come to mama, I want her. Oh, you want a little pineapple. - Don't you, kahaia??- That's the one. Courtesy of our sponsorsover at aqua blue dive gear. - Thank you.- You got it. - Let's cheers!- Oh, all right. To Lindsey joining, uh, the lit life. The lit life. - Lo Lindsey.- Welcome. I've always dreamedabout diving with the sharks. Somewherein the great barrier reef. You know, I know just the place. You've done it? Twice. But I don't thinkthe sharks remembered me. Mm, they'd remember you. Shark diving? Lame! Almost as lame as storm chasing.

 We, we can't stay here. If that pilot was right,no one will find us. Maybe, maybe a boat will come. I wouldn't count on it. Why not? You shouldn't even be here.“What the hell does that mean? It means, you weren't supposedto be in this group. Jesus. You and sebwere click bait, that's it. You don't add anythingto this equation. You worry. You're scared.You're not scared? Maybe you're right. I'm not some hard-ass ex-marine. Army. “Whatever. Trust me,my two tours in the desert ain't gonna help us outmuch here. Sometimes you just end upup a creek with no way out. I was on borrowed time, anyway. Ff Clark? Who's that. It's... private first class,Emmett Clark. I was on my second tour.
Fifteen milesoutside of kandahar. And we were pinned downfor over 26 hours. Around hour eleven, I gave up. We weren't makin' it out. I knew it. We were wounded,but a couple of us were worse than the others. Private Clark was bleeding out.He knew he was done. He was scared. We all were. So he grabbed my handand he, he put something in it.

 And it was his dog tags. And I asked him whoI was supposed to give 'em to because I knewhe didn't have any family. And he said, "when you make it out, bring me alongand take me with you." And I'm looking around,and it's-it's bullets just whizzing past,there's no help in sight, but somehow, this goddamn kid knewI was gonna make it out. So the next mornin',ac-130 swoops in... Just tears the place to pieces. We were evac-eda couple of hours later. So I, I hold on to this. It helps me rememberthat no matter what happens... Life goes on. So you just don't ever give up. Fver careful. You're startingto sound optimistic. Screw you, click bait. We need to get to that covefor the supplies. No, no, Lindsey. It's too far. Well, we have this raft.We can paddle there. No, look, okay, our,our best chance to survive is we need to get down and we needto activate the beacon. Look, the sharks will be back. We won't make itthrough the night. Okay, one hour. If the beacon doesn't work,we head for the cove. All right, we need,uh, a regulator and an oxygen tank.

 We saw some of our gearfloating around. Drink this.Shouldn't we ration it? It's not enough to ration. Just be careful. Careful! Okay. Sorry. It's okay,I got freaked out, too. You mind if I borrow that? You should've beenon that survival show. I tried. They saidI wasn't tough enough. I was wrong about you. Most people are. Here. Right.We need a rudder to steer. You okay? What do we do? And that was only one of them.There was, uh, at least three. Oh, crap. Hang on! Grab this. Yeah. Go for their eyes.Also, their gills. It's their nerve center.It's the easiest way... Kahaia? Oh, god! - Oh, Lindsey!- No! Kahaia! Back to the raft! Ah! Ah! Hey, remember when I taught youhow to ride a motorcycle? You were so scaredyou were gonna crash. But I had faith in you and I jumped on the backwithout a helmet. When we came to that first turn, your hand started wobbling, you didn't know what to do. So I said, "just lean. Don't worry aboutthe handlebars, just lean." And you frozeand we almost hit a tree, but then what did you do? I leaned. That's right.

 You leaned. And everything was okay. You got this. Hey! Help me. Help me! Help! Help me! No. Wait! Help me! Hey! No. No. Yeah. What are you doing?Oh, you bastard. You got this. Just turn on the beacon.In and out quick. Ah! No, I can't do it. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't. You look nervous. You nervous? I'm fine. It's okay.First time sharing air. It's alwaysa little nerve-racking. All night,when we get down to the bottom, I'm gonna turn off your air. Kahala will buddy breathewith you just like we practiced. Nothing to it. Come on. Lindz, this is vital. In the case thatsomething happens to your tank, you need to learnhow to share air. - I know.- Okay. So jump in. Was your sister always this muchof a chicken growin' up? Oh, my god. All the time. Hey, do you remember that time we wereat that rocket-ship playground and you wouldn't go downthe slide 'cause there were antsat the bottom? Ants? Or the time that she wouldn't comein the sewer with me pecause it smelled like pee-pee.

 I was, like, eight. Okay, well, then,let's not forget the time that you bailed off your bike right before the rampthat we built because you were afraidof breaking your neck. And she purpled her wrists. Oh, come on.Lindz, I'm just messing. Hey, you got this. Well, you bet your ass she does. Hey, you trust me, right? - Always.- All right. Well, then... Don't do this for me,don't do this for Paige, don't do it for the thousandsof viewers out there watching. - Do it for you.- For me? Yeah. Just you. You can do anything.Never forget that. Come on, lindz. You have to. Ah! Ah! You want me? Come and get me! Come on! You scared 'em away.You scared 'em away, lindz. What the hell? Oh, my god. Evan. Oh, my god, Evan. Evan. Oh, my god. Oh. Oh, I'm so sorry. I won't leave you here. Come on. Oh, my god! No, no. Get away from him! No, no... I won't let you take him! No! No! No! No! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. This is Lindsey. Uh, Lindsey Lewis.

A plane carrying my sisterand our friends crashed somewherenear red rock cove. Everyone is... They're all gone, so, uh... If you find this, uh, could you please give itto my family and tell them... Tell them I love them. You can do anything.Never forget that. That was for me. And so is this. Your sister's amazing. Love, it makes peopledo crazy things. Shut up, Evan. What are you doing? What are you doing? Oh, crap. Yeah. Crap! Damn it! Oh, god. Ah Ah. Oh, great. Oh, god. Fine, arrest me. The crazy-ass pilot was right. Oh. Oh, yes. Oh, oh, oh. Oh-ho. Oh! Oh, thank god! Hello? Hello? I'm trapped at red rock cove.Is anybody there? Anybody? Anybody? Here we go. Okay, all right. Anh, damn it! Please. Please. Oh, my god. Paige?

 Oh. Oh, my god, it's you!I can't believe it! I can't believe you're alive! Am I? Yes. Where did youeven come from? The other sideof the cove. I saw a flare. That was me. I let the tide bring me over. Y-you haveto get out of the water. I can't swim,my leg is jacked up. What do you mean? I think I broke it in the crash. Oh, crap. Um, hang on. I have a rope, okay?I'm gonna throw it out to you. Uh-huh. Mm. You ready? Yeah. I can't reach it. I don't thinkit's long enough, lindz. Okay, hang on. We'll try again! Okay. Hang on. Can you paddle towards me?Use your arms. I'll try. All right, I'm gonna try again.You ready? Okay. - Un...- Grab it! I can't reach that, lindz. - Okay.- Uh, I just... We'll try again!We gotta get you out of there. All right, just give me... - Can you just give me a moment?- We don't have a moment. Paige! For once in your life,listen to me. There are sharks in the water. - What? There are sh...- Sharks. There are sharks? - Like, right now?- Yes! All right? So I need youto grab the damn rope! Throw the rope! Uh, I'm close. I got it! Okay. Okay... Oh, my god. “What? Faster! Ah... Where'd he go? I don't know.

 Could be anywhere. Oh, my god. Oh. Oh. Oh. Wait. Where are the others?Are they okay? They didn't make it. What? Wait, what?Wha-what do you mean? Sharks. No-no-no. Like, ev-Evan and kahaia? Seb? Okay. Oh, my god. Lindz, I'm so sorry. It's okay. You're here now. We're together now. Wait. Wait, wait. How are you? How are you?How did you get here? I had a raft,but the sharks ate it. How are you even alive? What are we gonna do? I sent up a flare, so hopefully,help is coming soon. - Okay.- Oh, my god. We gotta look at that leg. Oh, I know. It's bad. It's really bad. Here, drink this. Ah All right, here we go.Here we go. - Okay.- Oh, we need to save this. - Ow, ow, ow!- Try and straighten it. No, I can't straighten it. Honest, Lindsey.I think we should just leave it. Okay, now is not the timeto be stubborn, Paige.

 I'm not being stubborn, I'min ah! Pain! I'm just trying to help. I see that,but we are trying to mend a broken legwith an Ace bandage. - This is stupid.- God, stupid? Stupid was asking me to be a partof all this to begin with. And I'm not you, Paige. Maybe I wanted to be,but... I'm not. I don't win scholarshipsor triathlons. I don't climb goddamn mountains.I don't do any of this. But here I am.Following in your footsteps. I thought if I did, I could, I could prove somethingto you... That I was worthyin your eyes... That I mattered. Talk about stupid. Ll indz... That's as goodas it's gonna get. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, too. Heard the distress call.Anybody out there? - Oh, my god.- Oh, boy. Hello? Hello? Are you guys all right? We're okay. But my sister's leg is broken. Okay, calm down.I'm gonna come and get you.

 Just hang tight while I call inthe coast guard. Oh, my god! Then we can helpyour sister, okay? Okay, thank you. But be careful out there. There are sharks in the water. Sharks?Yeah, don't worry about that. Okay, shalom,there are some sharks. Okay. Okay. What are... what are they doing? Over there. Why are they looking for them?Why aren't they coming to help? What? What? What? No. - Hey! Hey!- Hey. What are they doing? - Come help us!- Forget about the sharks! - Hello?- What are they doing? - Get out!- COD, give me your hand! Look out! No, no, no, stop it! Watch... - COD!- Watch out! Oh, god. Oh, god. Oh, my god! On! Oh, my god! Hey, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. We're gonna be okay. We'll figure something out. Hey. What the hell, Paige? Rise and shine, you lovebirds. Damn, smells like sex in here. It's one yearfor you guys, so we're shooting a special anniversary episode. You gotta be kidding me, Paige.

 Oh, boo. Damn, seb. I gotta geton that shoulder routine. What are you benching?Like 300, 4007 - you are such a bitch.- Get dressed. I woke up this morningwith the greatest idea. Chop-chop. Which is whypeople love you guys. Everything is organic. The way you met, all the thingsthat you have in common. - Yeah. Sickening, actually.- I'm not gonna lie. It's blowing up our channel,all people wanna talk about is seb and lindz. Excuse me. It's good, right? Yeah. But it can be better. How? You guys have to break up. Okay, look. Seriously,it's brilliant, right? We stage a fight, it goes viral, lindz has a tonof new subscribers and you know, after a couple of weeks,you make up and we're just biggerthan ever before. Gets better ads, more sponsors,more amazing trips. Worst idea ever. Yeah, no one would believe it. Why would we break up? Seb admitsthat he cheated on you. Uh, just one time, got wasted,simple mistake.

 The apology video alone will getus, like, eight million views. Forget it, Paige. Yeah. Seb would never cheat on me.Everyone knows that. All the more reasonwhy this is so perfect. This kind of drama could fund usfor the next three years. I'll volunteerto sleep with seb. You know, for the views. For the views,I would sleep with seb. Heh. Oh, yeah. Can you think about it, please? - Okay. We'll think about it.- No, we won't. Come on, seb.This is a great plan. You're not thinkingabout the bigger picture here. Actually, Paige, I am. Seb! Seb! Seb! - Hey, stay with me.- No, he's out there. You can't help him, he's gone. No. Seb! No! No, seb! Hey, stay with me. It's okay. We're okay. Do you thinkthey're gonna swim around out there all day? Probably. - We need to get to that boat.- Yeah. I just think that... Oh, we just need to get on itand then gun it. Yeah. Agreed. But how?It's not like we can swim there. We gotta kill those sharks. Okay.

Okay, I'm with that. What do we got? Uh, let's see. We can't use this for anything. Okay, we got some gasoline and the flare gun. Maybe we could lightone of them on fire. Lindz, they're sharks,they're just gonna swim down and put themselves out. I got an idea. What is it? All right,let's hope this works. Here, fishy-fishy! Here, fishy! Come here... Come here! Come on! Come here! I don't know if this is gonna... - That was close.- Are you okay? Yeah, but I don't knowif I wanna do it again. Yeah, well, this 1s a dumb idea. No, screw it. Let's go again. You ready? Um, I mean... Wh-what? - What are you doing?- Come on. - Come onl!- What are you doing? Get over here! Bring it on! - Come on!- Lindz! Lindz, get up here right now! - What are you doing?- Come on! - Are you a crazy person?- Oh, shit. Lindz, listen to me right now. Get up here. Wait! - Hurry!- Come on! Bring it on! Lindz, I'm not kidding.Get on the platform! - Come onl!- Are you crazy?

Get up here! Lindz, hurry! Now! Oh, my god. I can't believeyou just jumped in like that. That was so insane. I learned from the best. Oh... Oh. Wow. Well, one down. (Great. Shall we try again? Yeah. Let's see if we can findsome more loose rocks. Okay. Uh, you're not jumping inlike that, though. I never in a million yearswould imagine you doing this. Do you feel like a total badass? I'm gettin' there. Today, I think,I'm cooler than you. Okay, easy, tiger. You know what? I don't thinkthere are anymore loose rocks. - I don't see anything.- Are you sure? I don't thinkthis is gonna work. Well, the captain called inthe coast guard, right? Maybe help is on the way. No, he said he was gonnacall 'em in. It didn't happen. I mean, it can't take too long before someone realizesthey're missing, right? Can we really afford to waitthat long? Look, if we get it downto one shark, I can swim out to that boat. No, you're not doing that. And even if you did,the sharks might just knock you offlike it did them anyway. Do you have a better idea? Do we have any full air tanks? No. - Damn.- Why? Uh, I saw a guyknock the valve off of one once and it send it flyinglike a torpedo.

 It almost killed the guy. It's a good idea, but... yeah. I mean, you can't reallyaim easily anyway. Hey, look. That's the harpoon gunthat guy had. - I'm gonna get it.- No, no. You're not doing that. - T'hat's too dangerous.- No, we need it. Linaz... I'm gonna gowith or without your help. What? No. Lindz... wait, watt...Okay, wait. At least just... oh, well... Give me a moment to... Hey, you help me grabsome of these rocks. Ow! Ugh! All right. Ugh, this could do. Give me your hand. - Oh, ow!- Eh, it doesn't hurt that bad. - Ah!- Sorry, what? Okay. Ready? Yeah. One, two, three! Oh, hey, look.It's actually working. Wait, lindz! Okay. Um... Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Lindz, hurry up. No, no, no...Lindz, lindz, lindz! Lindzz! Lindz, swim faster! Swim! Swim!They're coming for you! Lindz, lindz, hurry, hurry! Linaz! No! No! No! No, Paige! Ah. Come on! Oh, my god! - Oh, god.- We gotta stop the bleeding. - It's, it's too deep.- Okay, okay. God, Paige! Why did you jump in? It was gonna get you! I was alwayssuch a, a bitch to you. Stop, stop,we have gotta stay focused. Yeah, remember that timein seventh grade, it was your choir soloand I made...

 Mom and dad take me homebecause I was sick? - Yeanh.- I made it up. Because I, I couldn't bear youtaking the spotlight. And it wasn't the only time. Maybe if we elevate your leg,the bleeding will slow. No, I resented you my whole lifejust 'cause you were the baby and because everyoneloved you the most. Paige, just stop.You deserved better. - Shut up!- I came on to seb. The nightyou guys started dating... I invited him to my room. Bullshit. I kissed him because I liked him for so long before you even joinedour group. Stop lying. You want meto hate you, but I won't. No, and thenthe little baby sister comes and gets whatever she wants and I had to prove that I was... Better than you. Stop. Stop it! Just stop lying! Huh. Do you wanna hearthe best part? Are you ready? He said no. He literally pushed me offbecause... He loved you, lindz. This whole trip was his idea. He was gonna... Propose to you. No, that's not true. Sixty feet under. Ring and all. It's, it's over, lindz.It's all right.

 No. - You deserved better.- No. No. - No!- I'm so... Paige. No, Paige, stay with me. Paige! No, no... ah no, no. No! All right. You son of a bitch. Come and get me! Come on! Come on! Ah! You! I got you! Yeah! Yeah. No! No. Let her go! Leave her alone! Let her go! No. Paige! Oh. I'm sorry. Ah! Anhl Damn it. Okay. Okay. Ah! Yes. Oh, okay. Oh, oh, okay. Hello? Hello, is anybody there? Hello? Just one second. Hm. All right.I think you're all set. You really take this dive-buddything pretty seriously.

Well, call me crazy,but maybe I want you to stick around a little longer. All right, let's get wet. You'regonna love it down there, lindz. I love anything with you. - Ditto.- Hm. Make sure her tank 1s secure. It is. Tanks. Okay. Tank. Okay. Uh, the tank. (God! Ah, goddammit, you bastard! Ah! Okay. Okay. Okay, Paige.Talk me through this. How do I do this? All right. How do I do this? Okay. Paige, please tell mehow to do this. Aah! Oh, Lindsey,what the hell are you doing? You can do anything. Never forget that. So you just don't ever give up. Fver all right. All right. All right. Oh, god. Come on. Come on! Ah, come on. All right. Here we go. Come on! Here we go. Oh, my god. Ah! Please. Ah! Oh, my god! No! Come on, you piece of... Ah! No! Oh! It worked. Oh, Paige, it worked.

Oh, my god. Oh, Paige... We did it j ooh ooh ooh jl > ah ah ah & j ooh ooh ooh jl j ah it Hi, everyone. I know it's been a whilesince our last post. Six months, actually. But you all heard the storiesby now. You all know what happened. I'm not hereto get into details. I just... I wanted you all to knowthat the people who made this channel, they cared about you. They really did. They created unique momentsand shared their lives to show you things that youmight not ever get to see. They were the next generationof explorers. Each and every one of them. Evan, kahaia... Seb... And my sister, Paige. We lost them out there, put we didn't lose their spirit. Their work was important, vital. And I'm not about to let it end. The world has too much to offer. So I'm gonna keep sharingevery moment with you. Thanks for watching. I'm Lindsey Lewis and this is the lit life. "Never stop, ever." You can do anything.

Black Widow

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